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Three Tips For Caring For Your Laminate Floors

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There are many different flooring options that are available to homeowners. However, it can be common for homeowners to be fairly unsure of the proper steps for caring for their flooring. In particular, laminate flooring can be very common due to its low cost and variety of aesthetic options. To help you ensure that your laminate flooring lasts for as long as possible, you will need to be mindful of these basic tips. Avoid Scratches When Sweeping Laminate flooring can be prone to suffering scratches, but this is a fact that many people overlook when they are sweeping. As a result, they may inadvertently damage the floor by using a hard-bristled broom. These brooms can be hard enough to cause scratches to form on the surface of the laminate. You can minimize this risk by opting to use a dust mop. These mops are designed to remove dust and dirt from the floor without causing scratching or scuffing. Use The Right Floor Cleaner The type of cleaning product that you use on laminate flooring can also be a major factor to consider. Some cleaning solutions are extremely harsh, and this can compromise your laminate floor by causing small holes to form in it or causing severe discoloration. Avoiding these problems will require you to always check the label of floor cleaners to ensure that they are safe for use on laminate. Additionally, you should spot test these cleaning solutions in an isolated area of your floor to ensure that it will not cause serious damage. Place Rugs Where There Is Prolonged Sunlight Sunlight beaming into your home can be an excellent source of natural light and warmth. However, you may not realize that this light can also be somewhat damaging to your flooring. Over time, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can cause the flooring to become discolored. You can easily combat this problem by closely examining where the sunlight is staying in contact with the flooring for much of the day and place rugs in those areas. Laminate flooring can be an excellent option for providing your home with an aesthetically pleasing and affordable type of floor. Yet, it can be easy for individuals to make mistakes that can compromise this type of floor. By making sure that you appreciate the benefits of using a dust mop when sweeping, always check cleaning products before applying them to the floor, and minimize sun damage with the use of rugs, you will be better able to get the most out of your home’s...

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Need New Flooring? Why Carpet Is The Way To Go

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If you’re looking to get new flooring in your home, you have a number of options at your disposal.  Hardwood, tile and even cobblestone are popular choices.  However, there’s one option that may stand a cut above the rest:  Carpet.  Few things can tie a room together as well as a richly colored layer of carpet.  Use this information to learn more about why carpet is the ideal choice for your next flooring project. Carpet Adds Warmth & Noise Reduction One of the problems that some people encounter when they have hard floors is a lack of warmth.  Hardwood or tile floors can sometimes be cold and sterile, and fail to add the warmth that you need to make your house feel like a home. Understand that heat naturally rises, and unless you install radiant heating coils under your hard floors, they can be very cold to walk on.  You may find that you always need to wear socks or shoes so that your feet don’t get too chilled. In addition, noise can be a problem when you have hard floors.  This can be especially troublesome if you work or study from home, since the simple act of hearing a family member walk across the floor can be enough to jolt you out of your concentration due to the sharp sound. Getting carpet helps you avoid these issues.  Carpet feels warm under your feet, and if you opt for thick padding, the carpet can be especially plush and luxurious to the touch.  Your new carpet will also help to drown out the “click-clack” sounds that sometimes occur when walking on a hard surface. Carpet Helps To Soften Falls If you have small children, you are probably well acquainted with the frequent nature of their falls.  When you have hard floors, a simple tumble could result in a painful injury that leaves your child crying for quite some time. Help soften their falls by installing carpet.  The carpet will serve as that extra layer of cushion that helps to take the blow out of their tumble.  An added benefit is that carpet lends more traction than hard surfaces, so there may be a decreased chance that they’ll fall when they’re running and playing. Installing carpet could prove to be a very wise decision.  Contact a carpeting contractor like McSwain Carpets and Floors today so you can see all of the wonderful options available when you choose carpet for your...

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Granite Flooring 101: 4 Tips For Keeping It Healthy And Beautiful

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Natural stone flooring is a great option for many homes. One of the more popular natural stones for flooring is granite. It’s a naturally strong stone, which makes it a great choice for all homes. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, which makes it both beautiful and unique. However, it does require some maintenance in order to preserve its beauty. So how should you be maintaining your granite floor? Here are four tips: 1. Sweep Regularly Although granite is a durable stone, it isn’t impervious to scratches. Dirt, debris, and small particles can easily scratch the granite. While small scratches might not seem like a problem, they can become quite noticeable—and that can make your flooring appear uneven or old. The easiest way to prevent scratches is to sweep your floor regularly. This will remove the small particles from your floor, which will reduce the amount of scratching. 2. Utilize Floor Mats and Rugs As mentioned above, granite flooring can easily become scratched from dust and dirt. While sweeping can help reduce the amount of particles on the flooring, you can further help you flooring by using floor mats and rugs. To protect your flooring from dirt, debris, and outside contaminants, place rugs in heavy traffic areas to catch debris. Additionally, be sure to place a mat near all doorways to catch dirt and mud. 3. Use Proper Cleaning Tools It is important that you use the proper tools to clean your granite floors. Scrub brushes and chemicals might work well for laminate flooring, but they should be avoided on granite floors. These harsh cleaning tools can cause the granite to scratch, dull, or stain. So when cleaning your flooring, use cleansers designed for granite. You can also use plain water and soap, as this is generally a pretty mild cleaner. As for tools, make sure whatever you use is soft and lint-free. 4. Clean Spills Quickly Finally, make sure you mop up any spills quickly. Water, soda, and other liquids can easily cause your granite to stain if they are not cleaned quickly. To clean up a spill, use a clean cloth to blot up the extra liquid. Once the liquid is gone, use soap and water to remove any residue. While granite flooring is generally durable, it does need regular maintenance in order to preserve its beauty. Fortunately, maintenance is easy with these four tips. However, if you do begin to notice any scratching or staining in your granite flooring, you might want to contact a professional for...

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Getting Your Rental Home Ready For A Future Tenant? Choose Faux Wood Blinds

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When you buy a single-family home, you will either get one that has or has not been modified to achieve a neutral look. A neutral look is ideal for sellers that want to attract the most attention. This kind of home is perfect to buy when you intend on turning it into a rental property as you do not need to do much. It just requires filling in the basics, such as window treatments, appliances, and minor changes if desired. Choosing faux wood blinds for your rental home is an excellent choice for numerous reasons. Imitate a Highly Desirable Look Real wood blinds are a feature that many homeowners would love to have. However, it is not always realistic for people without a large budget as the real deal is not an inexpensive addition to the home. Faux wood blinds are great because they are able to imitate the look of real wood quite well. Many rentals are equipped with white vertical or horizontal blinds due to their affordability, but you can surprise potential tenants with a classy look by providing them with faux wood blinds. Avoid Spending Much Money Although you can make changes to the property to label it a luxury rental, you are better off making a few minor adjustments and getting it rented as quickly as possible. The initial purchase should be affordable, but you should also think about what kind of purchases you will have to make in the future. It may be necessary to replace the blinds in between each tenant or every other tenant, depending on the quality of the tenant and whether you accept pets, so it is best to go with an inexpensive option. Easy for Tenants to Clean When you make a rental easy for tenants to clean, you will not only attract more tenants, but you will provide them with a better rental experience. Since faux wood can get wet without causing damage, the tenants can clean the windows quickly and easily with a quick dusting and homemade solution. Ideal for Humid Rooms or Areas Since real wood blinds cannot get wet, they are not that great for humid rooms or areas. For bathrooms or the kitchen area, installing real wood can lead to warping issues down the line. However, you do not have to worry about such a problem when you use faux wood blinds. If you want to create an impressive rental home, faux wood blinds are an ideal feature to have. For more information about your window treatment options, check out a company like Morris Paint & Floor Coverings...

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How to Remove Rock Salt Residue and Restore the Natural Beauty of Your Hardwood Floors

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The winter time is harsh on wooden floors. You and your family members can drag in rock salt used to keep your sidewalks and driveway clear of ice on your boots and shoes. The residue from the rock salt can seep into the wood and damage the finish on the floor, and it should be cleaned up as quickly as possible to protect the floors. Here is how you can remove the rock salt residue to keep your hardwood floors looking shiny and new. You Will Need: Salt Neutralizing Agent Gentle Cleaner Mop Bucket Warm Water Hand-Held Sponges Neutralizing Rock Salt You need to neutralize the rock salt before you do a general cleaning. Mopping with a mild soap usually just spreads the salt around and makes the situation worse. Instead, first mop the floor with a salt neutralizer to break down the rock salt crystals. You can buy a concentrated form of salt neutralizer at most major hardware or floor care stores to break down the salt crystals. Mix the salt neutralizer with warm water in a bucket according to manufacturer’s directions. Mop where people have recently tracked rock salt across the floor. You also need to look for areas that may have already dried and left a white powdery substance on the surface of the floor. Constantly rinse and wet the mop after a couple of sweeps over the floor. Make sure you get along the edges of wall. In difficult to reach spots, you may have to use a hand-held sponge to clean the rock salt residue. Allow the floor to dry to see if any white powdery stains appear. If some do appear, clean those areas again with the salt neutralizing agent. Clean the Floor The next step is to remove the neutralizing agent residue from the floor. Mix in the mop bucket a gentle floor cleaner with warm water and mop over the area you previous mopped to clean off the rock salt residue. Drain the mop bucket and rinse the mop thoroughly after cleaning. Rinse the Floor Fill up the mop bucket with plain warm water and mop over the area again to remove any residue from the cleaner. Let the floor dry. Hardwood Floor Rejuvenator A hardwood floor rejuvenator will restore the shiny finish on the floor. Rejuvenators typically come in ready-to-use formulas. Spray the rejuvenator onto the floor and spread it around with a damp mop. The floor should look as good as new once the rejuvenator absorbs into the wood and dries. If you find that there may be more damage than you originally thought, it may be a good idea to contact a local hardwood flooring service, such as Idaho Hardwood...

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A Guide To Radiant Floor Heating

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If you are looking for a new and unique heating system for your home, then you might want to consider radiant floor heating. To give you a better idea of what it is, how it works, and why you might be interested, here is an introduction to the subject: What is radiant heating? While traditional heaters will warm your home up by blowing hot air through vents or space heaters, radiant floor heating heats up the floor of your house. The core concept may be millennia old, but modern radiant heating systems use pretty advanced technology. Now, since radiant heaters work by heating up your floor, there are some limitations on the installation of such systems. Limitations First of all, you can’t really install a radiant heating system on a whim. You need to be either building a room from the ground up or willing to rip out the entire current flooring. Radiant heating systems are complicated, precise webs that span the entire area of your floor. They need to be carefully laid down by professionals before the actual floor is installed on top of them. Secondly, not all types of flooring will actually work with radiant heating. The ideal flooring material is durable, yet a good conductor. You want a floor that will rapidly warm up when you turn the heating system on. To this end, you want to shoot for something like ceramic, stone, or asphalt. These hard surfaces are very good conductors and will greatly increase the efficiency of your heating system. You don’t want carpet or wood. Carpet is a poor insulator and won’t distribute the heat very evenly. Wood will actually be damaged by the heat over time, and will warp. This will ultimately change the shape and fit of your wood floor, which might make it uneven to walk on. Types There are two popular types of radiant heaters that you will probably come across. First is the electric radiant heater, which is pretty simple. An electrical current will run through the heating elements under your floor, raising the temperature of your floor as more electricity flows. Electric radiant heaters are cheap and relatively easy to install, but the price of electricity might add up in the long run. The alternative is the hydronic radiant heater, which uses a complex array of water containers beneath your floor. As the water in the floor heats, that heat will be conducted to the floor, heating your home. While these systems are much more complicated to install, they have lower operating costs. For more information on radiant heating, contact a company such...

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Installations That Last: The Best Styles, Materials And Pads For Carpets For a Child’s Room

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Most parents spend a significant amount of time decorating and renovating their child’s room, so that it is safe, secure and also durable. Carpet is perhaps one of the most popular flooring options, as it acts as a cushion, is easy to maintain and is a lot more durable than other alternatives. The cost of installing carpet is relatively high. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $6 per yard just for labor, so it’s worthwhile to spend a little extra to make sure durable and high quality carpets are installed the first time around. The Most Durable Styles The style of the carpet refers to how the fibers are arranged. Essentially, you have four options to choose from: texture, frieze, level loop and pattern. Texture carpets have a velvety feel to them, as the looped fibers are essentially sheared right off. This style of carpet is not ideal for your child’s room because it cannot tolerate heavy wear although it is incredibly soft. Frieze carpets have lightly twisted fibers, which make them incredibly versatile and durable. This style of carpet can easily resist marks and tolerate high-traffic conditions. Level loop carpets, which have loops of the same height, are also incredibly durable and can resist years of wear and tear without showing any marks. While pattern carpets are gorgeous and are great at hiding marks, they are also not as wear resistant as frieze and level loop carpet styles. The Materials with the Longest Lifespan Not all carpets are made the same, although they may feel similar to one another. Once again, you have four options to choose from: wool, nylon, polyester and polypropylene. In general, nylon and polyester options are superior to wool and propylene options when it comes to durability. While all materials can handle high traffic conditions and are stain resistant, only nylon and polyester carpets are crush resistant.  The Right Padding for Increasing Comfort and Durability The padding underneath the carpet is just as important as the carpet itself, as it is responsible for increasing comfort and durability. There are many different types of padding offered on the market, but you should ideally choose one that has properties like total liquid blocker, airing channels and a uniform density. Make sure you feel the padding firsthand to determine how soft of a cushion it is. Conclusion The right carpet will last for years in your child’s room, and will provide the cushioning needed to lessen the effects of falls. Choose a carpet that can tolerate extreme wear, and requires very little maintenance. It’s worth spending a little more just to make sure the carpet is installed properly and is of high quality. In the long run, spending a little bit more initially to install high quality carpets will pay off. To learn more, speak with a business like Olden Paint & Fresh Look...

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Things to Ponder about Hardwood Floor Maintenance and Repair

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A hardwood floor is very easy to maintain and clean. With the proper amount of care, the flooring could maintain a brilliant look for decades. While durable, a hardwood floor is not indestructible. Scratches and serious scuffs can really mar the previously pristine look. As long as you take preventive measures, damage could be avoided. When damage occurs, call in a pro to handle the repair work. Ponder Risks to a Hardwood Floor More people will take common sense approaches to preserving their hardwood flooring. Unfortunately, things you never thought of might cause problems. If your couch or easy chair shifts when you sit up or get down, significant damage could be inflicted on the flooring over time. Putting a small rug under the furniture could provide a helpful protective buffer. Heavy items such as statues could really cause harm to a floor if they were to fall from a high bookcase. Maybe it would be best to keep statues or other heavy items no more than three feet from the ground. The Step-by-Step Fix Approach Using a do-it-yourself scratch kit to clear up any serious, deep scratches and imperfections on a hardwood floor is not advised. You might be able to dull the look of the scratches, but completely eliminating them might not be possible. A better plan entails Determining the area of the hardwood floor that must be replaced. Carefully cutting out the damaged section. Replacing the removed wooden floor. Smoothing out the edges on the new flooring for a seamless fit. These steps are really best left to experienced experts. Trying to do this job on your own and botching it could really lead to the ruination of the floor. Provide Matching Tiles Depending upon the type of hardwood selection used to lay down the floor, locating replacement tiles might not always be easy. Consider it advisable to save a few extra tiles after the completion of the original job. If you have not done so, try to purchase a few additional ones for storage. Do this even if nothing is wrong with the floor because you never know what damage could occur in the coming years. Having extra tiles makes them available to the repair service if so requested. Not having the exact hardwood style does not necessarily mean you are out of luck. The floor repair service may be able to take tiles similar to the ones in your home and stain and alter them so they look...

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3 Major Mistakes To Avoid When Laying Ceramic Tile Flooring

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So, you’d like to install some ceramic tile at your home and to save money, you’re considering the option of installing the tile yourself. This can be a viable option if you have the right tools and experience, but if not, it’s recommended that you contact a professional tile flooring installation company. When taking on a ceramic installation project yourself, there are also some common mistakes you’ll want to avoid in order to ensure the best results: Poor Preparation Taking the time the prepare floors before laying tile down is a must. The specific steps needed to prepare a floor for ceramic tile installation will vary depending on the condition of the floors, but there’s a good chance you’ll need to patch any damage to the sub-floors, make sure that they’re completely level, and possibly even apply a primer before installing any ceramic tile. These preparation steps can be time consuming, which is why so many inexperienced DIY-ers skip past them. However, taking the time to prepare floors will help ensure proper adhesion of the ceramic tile and prevent damage (such as cracking due to a non-level floor) down the road. Using Wrong Adhesive Prices for ceramic tile adhesive can vary greatly, but when it comes to quality, you’ll get what you pay for. Therefore, it’s generally best to spend a little more on a quality adhesive that’ll stand up to the test of time. This is especially true if you’re going to be installing larger ceramic tiles, which will require a stronger adhesive than smaller ceramic tiles (such as those used on a kitchen back splash) would. Failure to Protect Even once your floors are in place, it’s important that you take measures to protect the ceramic tiles and the grout, which can become easily stained otherwise. Consider sealing your tile grout, especially if it’s a lighter color. Furthermore, if you’re completing any other home improvement projects at the same time as you’re installing your new floors, make sure to put down a protective sheet over the floors so that they don’t get damaged by debris from your other projects. Laying your own ceramic tile flooring isn’t rocket science, but it does require a certain level of precision and care. By avoiding these common installation mistakes, you’ll have a better chance of getting the job done correctly the first time around and ending up with beautiful new tile floors. To learn more, contact a company such as Costen Floors Inc. for...

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marble Flooring

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Marble tiles are a luxurious flooring material that provide your home with a truly unique aesthetic. However, besides their appearance, marble tiles have a number of advantages and disadvantages that differentiate them beyond other types of flooring materials. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of marble flooring tiles can help you decide if marble floors are the right fit for your home. Advantages of Marble Flooring Light: Marble is a reflective material, much more so than traditional hardwood or vinyl floors. This means that it will brighten up the entire room by reflecting sunlight instead of absorbing it. This can help brighten up rooms that do not receive a lot of light, and provide a natural and bright aesthetic to your home. Uniqueness: Since marble flooring tiles are cut out of actual marble, no marble floor will look exactly the same. Each tile will have slight variations in color and appearance, which means that your entire floor will be completely unique. Durability: Marble flooring is extremely tough. Dropping heavy objects on vinyl or wood floors, which are softer materials, can result in denting and scratches. Dropping items on a marble floor will likely damage the object before they damage the floor. This means less repairs and maintenance has to be done on marble floors, reducing long run costs. Lifespan: The durability of marble flooring also means that it can stand up to general wear and tear very well, and will not fade or degrade over time as softer flooring materials can be prone to do. This means that you will not have to replace a marble floor very often, again reducing long run costs. Disadvantages of Marble Flooring Price: Marble flooring represents a fairly significant initial investment, and can cost more than other types of flooring to install as a result. This makes marble flooring tiles less than ideal for homeowners who are looking to install new floors under a tight budget. However, the durability of marble flooring helps to somewhat offset this cost, as the floors do not have to be replaced or repaired very often. Low Traction: Especially an issue for young children and elderly individuals, marble flooring tiles can become extremely slippery when wet. This greatly increases the chance of an accident, which can pose a serious danger, especially at the top of a flight of stairs or in the bathroom. However, this risk can be easily reduced by strategically placing rugs and mats down on the floor in high risk areas. For more information about marble as a flooring option, visit a company like JLG...

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