flooring for a home filled with dogs and kids

Things to Ponder about Hardwood Floor Maintenance and Repair

A hardwood floor is very easy to maintain and clean. With the proper amount of care, the flooring could maintain a brilliant look for decades. While durable, a hardwood floor is not indestructible. Scratches and serious scuffs can really mar the previously pristine look. As long as you take preventive measures, damage could be avoided. When damage occurs, call in a pro to handle the repair work.

Ponder Risks to a Hardwood Floor

More people will take common sense approaches to preserving their hardwood flooring. Unfortunately, things you never thought of might cause problems. If your couch or easy chair shifts when you sit up or get down, significant damage could be inflicted on the flooring over time. Putting a small rug under the furniture could provide a helpful protective buffer. Heavy items such as statues could really cause harm to a floor if they were to fall from a high bookcase. Maybe it would be best to keep statues or other heavy items no more than three feet from the ground.

The Step-by-Step Fix Approach

Using a do-it-yourself scratch kit to clear up any serious, deep scratches and imperfections on a hardwood floor is not advised. You might be able to dull the look of the scratches, but completely eliminating them might not be possible. A better plan entails

  • Determining the area of the hardwood floor that must be replaced.
  • Carefully cutting out the damaged section.
  • Replacing the removed wooden floor.
  • Smoothing out the edges on the new flooring for a seamless fit.

These steps are really best left to experienced experts. Trying to do this job on your own and botching it could really lead to the ruination of the floor.

Provide Matching Tiles

Depending upon the type of hardwood selection used to lay down the floor, locating replacement tiles might not always be easy. Consider it advisable to save a few extra tiles after the completion of the original job. If you have not done so, try to purchase a few additional ones for storage. Do this even if nothing is wrong with the floor because you never know what damage could occur in the coming years. Having extra tiles makes them available to the repair service if so requested.

Not having the exact hardwood style does not necessarily mean you are out of luck. The floor repair service may be able to take tiles similar to the ones in your home and stain and alter them so they look identical.

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flooring for a home filled with dogs and kids

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