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Granite Flooring 101: 4 Tips For Keeping It Healthy And Beautiful

Natural stone flooring is a great option for many homes. One of the more popular natural stones for flooring is granite. It's a naturally strong stone, which makes it a great choice for all homes. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns, which makes it both beautiful and unique. However, it does require some maintenance in order to preserve its beauty.

So how should you be maintaining your granite floor? Here are four tips:

1. Sweep Regularly

Although granite is a durable stone, it isn't impervious to scratches. Dirt, debris, and small particles can easily scratch the granite. While small scratches might not seem like a problem, they can become quite noticeable—and that can make your flooring appear uneven or old. The easiest way to prevent scratches is to sweep your floor regularly. This will remove the small particles from your floor, which will reduce the amount of scratching.

2. Utilize Floor Mats and Rugs

As mentioned above, granite flooring can easily become scratched from dust and dirt. While sweeping can help reduce the amount of particles on the flooring, you can further help you flooring by using floor mats and rugs. To protect your flooring from dirt, debris, and outside contaminants, place rugs in heavy traffic areas to catch debris. Additionally, be sure to place a mat near all doorways to catch dirt and mud.

3. Use Proper Cleaning Tools

It is important that you use the proper tools to clean your granite floors. Scrub brushes and chemicals might work well for laminate flooring, but they should be avoided on granite floors. These harsh cleaning tools can cause the granite to scratch, dull, or stain. So when cleaning your flooring, use cleansers designed for granite. You can also use plain water and soap, as this is generally a pretty mild cleaner. As for tools, make sure whatever you use is soft and lint-free.

4. Clean Spills Quickly

Finally, make sure you mop up any spills quickly. Water, soda, and other liquids can easily cause your granite to stain if they are not cleaned quickly. To clean up a spill, use a clean cloth to blot up the extra liquid. Once the liquid is gone, use soap and water to remove any residue.

While granite flooring is generally durable, it does need regular maintenance in order to preserve its beauty. Fortunately, maintenance is easy with these four tips. However, if you do begin to notice any scratching or staining in your granite flooring, you might want to contact a professional for help.

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