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Addressing Common Types Wood Floor Damage

Floor damage can be a major issue for a home to experience. Despite the fact that most homeowners will need to address this problem at some point, there are many questions that they may need to have answered to be able to make informed choices about addressing their floor damage.

Is Replacement The Best Option For Addressing Floor Stains?

Replacing stained sections of the floor may seem as though it will be the obvious repair option for floor discolorations. However, this is a fairly extreme option. A less disruptive solution may be to simply have the floor refinished. During the refinishing process, the top layer of the wood will be sanded away, and this will permanently remove the stain.

How Can Moisture Cause The Floor Boards To Buckle And Bulge?

Bulging and buckling floorboards can be a problem that may make the interior of your home unsafe as it can contribute to the risk of tripping. A common source of this damage is moisture seeping into the wood planks that make up the floor. As the moisture enters the wood, it will cause it to swell. This will interfere with the sizing of the planks so that they will no longer correctly fit together. If you notice this problem, the source of the water will need to be eliminated before repairs to the floor can be made. Otherwise, the buckling and bulging will simply return.

Can You Be In The Home During The Floor Replacement Work?

While it is possible to be home during the floor surfacing process, this can greatly complicate the process. The areas that are receiving new flooring will need to be completely emptied to allow the contractors to work. Furthermore, this area will be off limits until the work is completed as it can be unsafe. Due to these challenges, you may want to consider vacating the home during this work.

Are There Any Ways To Mitigate The Wear And Staining That Your Floor May Suffer?

A new floor is a major upgrade to make, and homeowners will want to keep this new floor looking great for years. There are two easy ways that you can reduce the wear that the floor will experience. Applying a protective coating that will minimize the ability of stains to form can protect the color of your floor. Using rugs near doors, hallways, and other areas that are particularly active can reduce the damage that foot traffic can cause to flooring.

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