flooring for a home filled with dogs and kids

Flooring Choices To Consider When You're Approaching Your Senior Years

If you're near retirement age and you're renovating your home, you have special considerations if you plan to age in place. You'll want to make changes and use materials that are safe and accommodate the challenges you may face when you're older. Flooring is one such consideration. Since falls can be dangerous during your senior years, you'll probably want to avoid stone floors and area rugs. Here are two flooring options that might be better.

Carpet For Warmth And Padding

Carpet has several advantages for senior living. It adds cushioning to the floor so the risk of injury is reduced if you fall. Carpet also makes the floors warmer, which is a benefit if you're always chilly and you don't want to walk on cold flooring when you get out of bed. When you choose carpet for senior living, you may want a low-pile rather than a fluffy and shaggy carpet. A carpet with low pile is less of a tripping hazard, and it's easier to walk on when you have mobility issues. Carpet is a good choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and stairs, but you'll need another choice for your kitchen and bathrooms.

Luxury Vinyl Tile For Traction And Easy Maintenance

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is another good choice for seniors since it is so easy to clean. If you have allergies or think you'll have trouble using a vacuum cleaner on carpet, then vinyl is a good alternative. Plus, vinyl can be used in your kitchen. You can have vinyl flooring installed as square tiles, planks, and sheets like carpet. Planks are a popular choice since they resemble the look of hardwood flooring. One benefit of vinyl flooring is that it has a textured surface that provides traction so the flooring isn't slick when it's wet.

Another benefit is that you can buy vinyl flooring with a thin layer of padding under it or you can add underlayment that adds a little padding. This provides cushioning for falls and makes the flooring more comfortable for walking and standing. Vinyl planks float above an existing floor, so if you want to use vinyl in your bathroom, sheet vinyl might be best so the edges can be sealed to keep water from seeping underneath.

When choosing flooring for your renovation when you're thinking about the future of aging in place, you'll want to consider safety most of all. Avoid flooring that can be slick or pose a tripping hazard. Softer flooring is better than hard flooring like concrete or stone, and also consider how easy the flooring is to keep clean. There are many types of flooring on the market, but not all are ideal for senior citizens.

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flooring for a home filled with dogs and kids

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