flooring for a home filled with dogs and kids

The ABCs of Decorating Your Patio for Cheap

When fixing up your home, you will dedicate most of the money to your living area inside. If you have just poured your money into purchasing your home or if you have done a lot of redecorating inside, you may have a small budget for the exterior of the home. Fortunately, you can create a beautiful patio outside of your home with a fraction of the budget that you would spend redecorating rooms inside. Here is how you can decorate your patio on a low budget. 

Purchase concrete tile for the floor

Concrete tile is the best flooring for the patio for many different reasons. Whether you have a raised patio or your patio is at grass-level, the concrete tile can be placed down easily and evenly. You will attach concrete tile in the same way that you attach regular tile, so that job should be relatively simple to perform. One of the benefits that you get immediately with concrete tile is that the tiles can come already decorated. Just like interior tile, you can choose a design or color that you enjoy for your patio. A long-term benefit that you will get is that the tiles will be easy to care for. Concrete tiles can hold up in rain and snow and can easily be swept and mopped for cleaning purposes. 

Hang curtains with curtain rods

Outdoor curtain rods will help you create an indoor area outside without building walls and doors. You can install outdoor curtain rods to the three corners in front of part of the patio. On the curtain rods, hang the particular curtain fixtures that you prefer. It is a good idea to go with a light curtain so that air and sunlight can filter through. If you need a line of sight into the rest of the backyard, you can slide the curtains in either direction for the time being. 

Purchase a railing kit

A rail kit can be purchased in order to set up side railing for your patio. A railing kit from a home improvement store can cordon off your patio area to make a clear distinction between the sitting area and the play area. Set up the railing on all sides of the patio area directly on the outside of the concrete tiles. Be sure to stabilize these in the ground so that they can be leaned against without any problem. 

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flooring for a home filled with dogs and kids

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