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Installation Options for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is suitable for any room of your home. The flooring gives your living areas the classic look of hardwood floors, and they work in the kitchen and bathrooms since vinyl planks resist water damage. These planks can adhere to the floor or they can be floated. Here's a look at how luxury vinyl planks can be installed.

Choose Professional or DIY Installation

Vinyl planks can be cut with a utility knife, so that makes DIY installation easier since you don't need a saw. Joining the planks together is fairly simple too, so DIY installation is a possibility if you're handy with home improvement projects.

However, when planks have to be cut around a toilet or placed inside door thresholds, things can get tricky. You might prefer professional installation so there are no imperfections to mar the appearance of your new flooring.

Opt for Loose Lay for Easy Installation

The easiest planks to install are loose lay planks. These don't snap together or need glue to install. The planks are simply placed on the floor and they stay put due to their rubber backing. These planks can go over a variety of other types of flooring as long as the old flooring is even and in good shape.

Adhere the Planks With Adhesive

Gluing the planks to the floor ensures they won't pop up or shift. Gluing is a good option for large rooms or rooms that get a lot of foot traffic. Gluing down flooring is messy and it can be difficult work, so if you want the planks glued, you might want professional installation.

A similar option is to buy luxury vinyl planks that have a peel-and-stick back to them so you can avoid working with messy glue. However, once those planks go down, they're difficult to remove so you can't make mistakes during the installation.

Lock the Planks Together

You can buy luxury vinyl planks that attach to each other as they go down rather than attach to the floor below. This allows you to float your new floor above old flooring. The planks might click together or adhere to each other with a glue strip.

These planks are easier to install than ones that require glue, and once the planks are in place, there is no difference in the appearance of your floor.

Since there are options for how luxury vinyl planks can be installed, you may wonder what's right for your home. Consider your budget, whether you want easy installation you can do yourself, and the size and type of room where the planks will be installed.

A flooring center professional can help you select the right luxury vinyl planks

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