flooring for a home filled with dogs and kids

How to Remove Rock Salt Residue and Restore the Natural Beauty of Your Hardwood Floors

The winter time is harsh on wooden floors. You and your family members can drag in rock salt used to keep your sidewalks and driveway clear of ice on your boots and shoes. The residue from the rock salt can seep into the wood and damage the finish on the floor, and it should be cleaned up as quickly as possible to protect the floors. Here is how you can remove the rock salt residue to keep your hardwood floors looking shiny and new. Read More 

A Guide To Radiant Floor Heating

If you are looking for a new and unique heating system for your home, then you might want to consider radiant floor heating. To give you a better idea of what it is, how it works, and why you might be interested, here is an introduction to the subject: What is radiant heating? While traditional heaters will warm your home up by blowing hot air through vents or space heaters, radiant floor heating heats up the floor of your house. Read More 

Installations That Last: The Best Styles, Materials And Pads For Carpets For a Child’s Room

Most parents spend a significant amount of time decorating and renovating their child's room, so that it is safe, secure and also durable. Carpet is perhaps one of the most popular flooring options, as it acts as a cushion, is easy to maintain and is a lot more durable than other alternatives. The cost of installing carpet is relatively high. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $6 per yard just for labor, so it's worthwhile to spend a little extra to make sure durable and high quality carpets are installed the first time around. Read More 

Things to Ponder about Hardwood Floor Maintenance and Repair

A hardwood floor is very easy to maintain and clean. With the proper amount of care, the flooring could maintain a brilliant look for decades. While durable, a hardwood floor is not indestructible. Scratches and serious scuffs can really mar the previously pristine look. As long as you take preventive measures, damage could be avoided. When damage occurs, call in a pro to handle the repair work. Ponder Risks to a Hardwood Floor Read More 

3 Major Mistakes To Avoid When Laying Ceramic Tile Flooring

So, you'd like to install some ceramic tile at your home and to save money, you're considering the option of installing the tile yourself. This can be a viable option if you have the right tools and experience, but if not, it's recommended that you contact a professional tile flooring installation company. When taking on a ceramic installation project yourself, there are also some common mistakes you'll want to avoid in order to ensure the best results: Read More 

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flooring for a home filled with dogs and kids

I have three dogs and four kids - all of which can be very damaging to my home. When the kids were very small, I wanted to have carpeting in every room of the house to make floor time and learning to walk a little more comfortable for them. As they grew older, their messes also grew, so I had to find another flooring option that can withstand all of the abuse of the dogs and the kids. There are several flooring options that can withstand the abuse that those little creatures put it through. If you are looking for a similar solution, visit my site to find a long list of options for your home, as well as tips for caring for it after installation.

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